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Obama officially announced his 'Cash for Caulkers' plan on Tuesday, and it looks promising for anyone who's been putting off some eco-friendly home improvements.

WaterPik's EcoFlow handheld shower head helps you enjoy saving water... and this low-flow shower head handles low water pressure with ease! Here's my review

LED lights can be implemented into nearly anything...including toilet seats. Wow!

Restoring your old and dingy deck to like-new can be WAY easier than you think!

Would you ever imagine that going dumpster diving could actually mean a pool party?

Looking for a worthy eco-friendly home improvement project? How about a patio built with recycled composite pavers that are ridiculously easy to install?

Check out these 8 amazing and FREE DIY projects that can save you $100's. They're all made out of cardboard!

Look for great eco-friendly patio furniture on the cheap? Shipping pallets could be a surprisingly fabulous option!

Love that fresh paint smell? Did you know it could actually be killing you... literally? Here's what you need to know about low-VOC and no-VOC paints.