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Got an old pair of shoes you just can't part with? Give them new life in the form of funky solar-powered lights

Want to liven up your outdoor space? Try making some chic hanging chairs from shipping pallets!

The fun doesn't stop when the alcohol has run dry...because now you're free to make that empty wine bottle into a tiki torch or wall mounted vase!

What's better than recycled and non-toxic plates who's proceeds partially go to corresponding charities? Only such a plate with food on it.

Sometimes LED Christmas lights aren't the most eco-friendly option. Find out how regular old mini lights can be greener than LEDs.

Hmmmm... $30 LED lanterns / sunjars vs $2 LED lanterns that you can make yourself? I know which one I'm choosing. How about you?

LED lights can be implemented into nearly anything...including toilet seats. Wow!

Holiday decorations don't have have to break the bank. Check out what nature has already provided for us to use to make our homes look spectacular for Thanksgiving!

Love that fresh paint smell? Did you know it could actually be killing you... literally? Here's what you need to know about low-VOC and no-VOC paints.