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Red is Out; Go Green This Valentine’s Day

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By Jeffrey

If going green is the foremost thing on your mind this Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably got some more important issues to resolve. *wink, wink*

That said, it’s ok to let it be about the 3rd or 4th thing on your mind.

Here’s 4 ways you can go green this Valentine’s Day


Personally, I don’t put a whole lot of emphasis on the "romantic holidays" like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice to celebrate (and I enjoy doing so), but why do we need a special day to celebrate and revel in our love for our soul mates?

Even worse is when those are the only days a couple expresses such love.

For that reason, let’s not count this as a post only about how to "Go Green on Valentine’s Day", but about how to spoil your lover in fun, green, and simple ways EVERY day of the year.

[Wham, take that institutionalism]

4 Ways to Green Valentine’s [and every other] Day

  • Give Green Flowers:
    OrganicBouquet.com has all your solutions for organic, veriflora, biodynamic, and fair trade certified flowers of all kind.
  • Also check out LocalHarvest.com to find an organic florist near you!

  • Send a Valentine’s Day eCard:
    Just like we showed you at Christmas, eCards are MUCH more creative while simultaneously averting a ginormous tax on the environment.
  • If you absolutely have to send a paper card, at least try following Hippy Shopper.com‘s advice and send a recycled Valentine’s Day card

  • Give a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Action Kit:
    TreeHugger.com links to the Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Action Kit from Global Exchange. Each kit includes:
    1. A heart-box of individual chocolates (your choice of milk or dark)
    2. A bundle of NEWLY DESIGNED Valentines to send a directly to World’s Finest Chocolate with the detachable portion of each Valentine
    3. An Amore/Love Papel Picado banner
    4. An I Love Fair Trade Iron On, compliments of Transfair USA
    5. All bundled together in a red, recycled Kraft handled bag
  • Literally, REVEL In Your Love:
    Share in some sustainable sex. Is there any better–or more enjoyable–way to express one’s love physically? [Uh, that’d be a ‘hell no’, in my opinion.]
  • Bonus: A healthy sex life will both keep you healthier AND possibly reduce your heating cost.

    What are some environmentally friendly ways you spoil the one you share your heart, life, and soul with?