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Shoes that Sprout Wildflowers As Their Final Green Step

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By Zachary

Oat shoesNeed a new pair of shoes? Want to go green this time? How about some biodegradable shoes that sprout flowers at the end of their life?

No kidding, you can really get such shoes now (or, very soon, depending on where you live).

Some Dutch entrepreneurs recently started OAT Shoes and their first collection is about to be launched after two years of research and development. As hinted above, the shoes are made completely of biodegradable materials and packed with “a bouquet of perennial wildflower seeds.”

The makers of the shoe also say that, despite the challenges, they’ve avoided having any toxic or harmful chemicals end up in the shoes.

The Virgin Collection includes “six cleanly styled sneaker classics.” Of course, if the product does well, the crew has some more design in mind it would like to get made.

OAT Shoes are already getting a lot of good attention for their super-green product.

The shoe won 2nd place in the Green Fashion Awards, part of Amsterdam International Fashion Week. It was also one of the top 10 finalists (out of 450 contestants) for the Herman Wijffels Innovation award, which would have earned the company €50,000 ($68,774).

The vision of the company is to offer a product that is green from beginning to end, cradle to cradle, and is also super stylish: “The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future,” they state.

How do you actually help the shoes reincarnate into flowers? Here’s what the makers recommend:

“Bury them in the garden, woods or compost, water regularly and flowers will bloom from your old kicks!”

If you live in Europe, you can pre-order the shoes by emailing the company at [email protected]. A new website with availability and other information should also be online March 7. To keep up-to-date with development of the new website, product development, and product availability, you can also visit the OAT Shoes Facebook page.

Now, how about some edible jello cups to go with those shoes?

Photo Credits: OAT Shoes; Peter Stigter via OAT Shoes