A Green Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

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derek-markham.jpg One of our green media/blogger friends is in need…let’s help him out.

Derek Markham is the writer of Natural Papa and a contributor on several other green blogs and websites. He’s all about sustainability, natural parenting, and "doing the right thing".

Now Derek needs for his green friends and fans to do a good thing for him.

A few weeks ago Derek had an accident that left him with a timalleolar fracture in the ends of his right tibia AND fibula (the 2 bones of the lower leg). He’s laid up at home atop a mountain of unpaid medical bills that amount to several thousand dollars, and no insurance.

Derek is the bread winner for his wife and kids, so this injury has really set him back from a work perspective AND a financial one.

Adam Shake from Twilight Earth, Jerry James Stone from every green website in existence, and David Quilty from the Good Human have started a fund to help Derek out. If you feel so moved in your heart, please consider chipping in a couple bucks to help Derek get back on his feet — literally and figuratively.

You can donate directly via paypal by clicking this paypal badge:

Just like I’m always talking about around here, if a lot of people come together and each do a little bit, we’ll get a whole lot further than we would if just a few people try to do a lot.

Derek, feel better soon man.