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Chic and Affordable LOV-Neck Organic T-Shirt

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By Jeffrey

There are v-neck t-shirts and then there is the LOV-Neck t-shirt.

The former is a much more stylish type of t-shirt, but the latter is absolutely dripping with cool factor.

The LOV-Neck t-shirt by Blend Apparel is made from 100% organic cotton and retails for $31.99. This organic t-shirt is “asking you to be brave and stick your neck out for all you believe in,” according to Blend.

If there were something worth believing in, it would definitely be love, don’t you think?

The awesome crew at Eco-Salon are giving away a LOV-Neck organic t-shirt, so be sure to leave a comment over at their place to win one. If you just can’t wait to win one, you can always buy one.