The Trek Lime: A Bike Anyone Can Ride

by Josh

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There are many great reasons to commute to work on your bike…including some super secret ones you’ve never realized. If you’ve decided to join the fun world of bicycle commuting you will definitely need to make sure to have…a bike.

Genius eh?

If you’re somewhat new to the biking world, dont’ worry, because I’ve discovered the ultimate bike for beginners…the Trek Lime.


If you walk into a bike shop and start looking at bikes you might find yourself overwhelmed by the variety and different styles of bikes.

If you happen to be one of these people, don’t worry…I’m here to help. I grew up in a family that has always done a great deal of biking and I even worked in a bike shop for a short time. So, let me break it down for you.

There are basically 3 types of bikes:

  • Mountain bike: This style of bike is meant for those who want to go off-road and explore the woods, etc.
  • Road bike: This style is meant to be ridden on the road.
  • Hybrid: This style of bike is a fusion of the two previously mentioned styles and is great for those who have not ridden a bike in a while, as well as to commute on.

What makes the Trek Lime a great bike for beginners?

From the ground up, it was created with novices in mind. Here are some specs that really set this bike apart:

  • Internal Wiring: The brake cables that would typically be laid on top of the top tube are actually wired internally to give the bike a sleek look.
  • Puncture Resistant Tubes: Not only does this bike come with Hardcase tires, to prevent a tube from being punctured, but the actual tube itself is puncture resistant.  It has a sealant within the tube so that if you happen to ride over glass, etc the sealant will seal the hole in the tube and allow you to keep riding.
  • Shifting: If you’re relatively new to biking then it can be a bit overwhelming to try to stay upright, let alone shift gears. So, Trek designed this bike to shift automatically. Yes, you read that right…the bike shifts automatically to a higher, more difficult gear as your pedaling picks up speed.  
  • Seat Storage compartment: Trek realized that you, as a new cyclist might not want to spend extra money on a storage bag to put under your seat for things such as cellphones, keys, etc so they built a storage compartment into the seat. It’s built so that the seat lifts up to reveal this useful compartment.

So what are you waiting for??? Visit your local Trek dealer and take one of these bikes out for a test ride. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re looking for a little more advanced bike, check out Trek’s line of Eco Design bikes that minimize your footprint even more than biking alone does.