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In 2013, I installed smart home technology in my home: a smart lighting system. My pros & cons of living with home automation that controls all of the lights in your house.

Before spending money on LED light bulbs, see EXACTLY how much money you will save using them in your home. Truth is... you could save thousands of dollars!

9 budget-friendly ways to make an eco friendly house - from replacing plastic with natural materials to using eco friendly cleaning products & 7 other green home tips.

Some down & dirty practical ways that living green actually saves you more money than non-green options do - point by point, with my own firsthand examples.

If you'd like to lower your utility bills, then these energy efficient remodeling tips should come in handy!


The government rebates available for installing solar panels on your home could even get you solar powered for free.

Most of these ridiculously simple green home tweaks can help you save stacks of cash.

The costs of a longer commute may actually cancel out the savings of a cheaper home in the suburbs.

Many people know the basic reasons that bike commuting is so awesome. But check out these little-known hidden benefits of bike commuting too.