5 Ways to Save Money Greening Your Home


Going green is often portrayed as requiring sacrifice and it’s even considered in many cases that it requires monetary sacrifice. But going green, in essence, is about using resources more wisely and efficiently. Doing so, either through your habits and actions or through the technology and appliances you use, often actually means financial savings. Here’s a list of 5 ways to green your home and save money from doing so (starting with the smaller actions and moving towards the bigger ones … [Read more...]

The Incredible LED Lit Toilet Seat

LED gizmos and gadgets are all the rage these days...so why should your toilet seat be left out? That's right, for a cool $250 you could be the proud owner of an automated LED lit toilet seat. Check out the demonstration video below (complete with German techno music, oh yeah!). Hey, why not, right?   … [Read more...]

Real Men Pee on the Wall Because it Saves the Earth

Ok guys, this one is mostly for us. Raise your hand if you're the one who goes into the stall to avoid the row-o-urinals in public bathrooms. Don't be shy...wait a tick, is that the reason you use the stall in the first place? It's true, that shy bladder could be contributing to that carbon footprint in a big way. No worries though mates, with all the interesting urinals out there, conserving water was never more fun. Last night I was at a meeting when the 100 ounces of water I … [Read more...]

All-Natural Green Cleaning Products In Your Cupboard That REALLY Work On 6 Tough Cleaning Problems


If you've ever really paid attention to what a bottle of laundry detergent or window cleaner costs, then you know that overall consumers are spending big money for cleaning products these days. Greening your cleaning habits is an awesome step, but what if you could make your own cleaning products for pennies, rather than purchasing over-the-top priced cleaning items? As if saving money isn't enough to make you stand up and take notice, how about this: Making your own cleaning products … [Read more...]

See How Going Green Puts More Green in Your Pockets: 3 Great Examples!

Everyone knows that going green is good for the environment. To go green means to consciously eliminate habits that cause harm to the environment and to adjust your behavior and lifestyle to have less of an impact on the earth. It's difficult to exactly pinpoint what going green is -- because everyone has a different standard -- but the EPA has a list of the 12 Principals of Green Chemistry. Those principals include: Preventing waste Using fewer chemicals Increasing energy … [Read more...]

Eco-Confession Time: Are You A Water Waster Like Me?

It's true. I'm a water waster. I waste water in all the worst ways. I swear. The sound of running water is so intoxicating to me. I think I really have some sort of weird complex. I leave it running while I brush my teeth (while simultaneously letting the shower heat up--like in the pic). I even have this weird thing where I "have" to have the sink facuet on while I'm "taking care of business"...if ya get my drift. I know, I'm a freak. Someone send the nice men in white … [Read more...]

Top 12 Hazardous Household Chemicals + A Green Cleaning Guide


The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping away. Yep, it's time for... Spring cleaning?!?! Ugh, it's no fun coming out of hibernation and having to clean up the cave, but since it's a necessary evil, we might as well go about cleaning green, don't you think? However, since living green has become big business these days, it's becoming increasingly challenging to decide what food, personal care products, and practices are actually green and not just … [Read more...]

World Water Day: How To Check Your Water Footprint, Fix Leaks, And Save Water

Looking for ways to conserve some precious clean water this World Water Day (which is today)? There are an infinite number of ways of simple, easy, and mostly free ways to do so. Sure, the purpose of World Water Day is to conserve the commodity of fresh water on this planet, but are you a bad person if you don't? Not in my opinion. I'm simply here to pass on some ways to accomplish the "how" if water conservation today -- or any other day -- is something that moves you to … [Read more...]

Global Warming: 25 Things You Can Do To Help Right Now!

If you're anything like me, when you hear something in the news about global warming, going green, and saving the environment, you always come back to this: "Gosh, they're right. What should I be doing to help?" Even if it's just one small thing -- one simple way to make an ever-so-slight difference -- what would that be? Here are 25 things you can do...   … [Read more...]