Everything You Need to Know For a Green St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the United States. And that's not because we all love the story of how St. Patrick proselytized the Irish. It's because we love the booze. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Saint Patrick's Day is actually the most dangerous holiday of them all -- in terms of drunk driving. Don't worry, we've got some great ideas for throwing a stellar party whether you're slamming back a few … [Read more...]

3 Last Minute Ways to Green Your St. Paddy’s Day


Has St. Patrick's Day snuck up on you this year? It sure has snuck up on me! With Earth Hour, Earth Day, and St. Patrick's Day (the day o' green), there are so many great excuses to begin living greener in the spring time. ...but what if you haven't planned any green events, ideas, or St. Patrick's Day parties yet? Oh no! No worries, we've got ya covered with everything from how to dye your [organic] beer green without dying to super easy and fun tips to greening your St. Patrick's … [Read more...]

How to Green Your St Patrick’s Day Party and Beer…Without Dying

St Patrick's Day is coming up this Saturday and that means it's time to get ready for a great green St Patrick's Day party! Last year we brought you 5 Ways to Throw a Green St. Patrick's Day Party, but this year's tips are even better! Check out the dangers of coloring your beer green (and how to do it safely), whether aluminum or glass containers are more eco-friendly, and much more. … [Read more...]

Green St. Patrick’s Day Party Tips: 3 Ways To Green Your Party


Green. It's the color of spring. Trees, grass, herbs, flowers, beer, all of it green. Wait, beer is green too?  That's right, both literally and figuratively on St. Patrick's Day! With all the major cities taking part in this celebration of St. Patrick's Day (though most of us Americans remain ignorant of its purpose) and turning various bodies of water from blue to green, why stop at literally going green? How about environmentally going green as well? Not only could this be a … [Read more...]