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How to Green Your St Patrick’s Day Party and Beer…Without Dying

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By Jeffrey

green-beer.jpgSt Patrick’s Day is coming up this Saturday and that means it’s time to get ready for a great green St Patrick’s Day party!

Last year we brought you 5 Ways to Throw a Green St. Patrick’s Day Party, but this year’s tips are even better!

Check out the dangers of coloring your beer green (and how to do it safely), whether aluminum or glass containers are more eco-friendly, and much more.

Due to a conflict with the Roman Catholic Church’s "holy week" coming up next week, St Patrick’s Day has been moved to the 15th, instead of the 17th, but that won’t stop us from having some great parties, now will it?

How to Have a Safe, Fun, & Green St Patrick’s Day Party

We’re Party Animals: Check out our previous ideas for a great St Patrick’s Day party, like green led lights, organic beer, and more.

Speaking of beer…
As we mentioned in another great green party guide, try some organic beer from New Belgium. Their brewery is wind powered!

Drink also has an Eco-Guide to Responsible Drinking. At the end of that post, they suggest considering going the keg route. I think that’s a great idea!

  • If large, bulky kegs aren’t really possible, why not get a mini keg tap for those more manageable 5 liter mini kegs. This one from Avanti handles all mini kegs, including Heineken ones.
  • Personally, I much prefer my beer on tap than from a bottle anyway. Mmm, frosty mugs…

Use SAFE, non-toxic, natural food coloring: Many of us will feel compelled to buy some cheap, ill-tasting beer to color green. Planet Green warns us to think about what makes that beer green saying, "Some of these chemicals used in food coloring are believed to be linked to anxiety, migraine headaches, childhood hyperactivity and tumors". Yikes!

Check out even more ideas: has some great ways to green your St Patrick’s Day party and has some both traditional and novelty Irish food and drink recipes for the occasion. The "Irish flag shots" about 1/3 down the page look very creative, indeed…just be sure to use safe and natural food coloring!

What are some of your favorite ways to green your St. Paddy’s Day?