The Man Who Cycled The Americas = Awesome

the man who cycled the americas

Mark Beaumont -- heard of him? I’m sorry to say that I hadn’t until recently (I think). Mark became the “fastest man to cycle around the world” in 2008. He did so in 194 days and 17 hours. BBC commissioned a film of this record-breaking journey and news agencies around the world picked up the story (I wasn’t quite the news addict then, so apparently missed it). Anyway, that was 2008. Since that time, he has also taken a 9-month bicycling trip down North and South America, traveling down … [Read more...]

YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip (Award-Winning New Film)


YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip. Put this on your must-see list. This is an excellent-looking film I heard about a few months ago and would love to see. Apparently it’s as good as the trailers make it look. YERT, I think, is exactly what this site is about – fun ways to help the environment and fun storytelling to give props to such innovative, green projects and efforts.     At its world premiere at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale (EEFY) a couple weeks … [Read more...]

7 Last-Minute Green Gifts

OK, if you didn’t get anything on our Green Gifts for Guys list or our Green Gifts for Girls list and you put off buying a Christmas gift for someone (or more than one person) altogether up until now, here are 7 green gift ideas that you can create or purchase to save your ass. … [Read more...]

Green Living Expo In Nashville: Videos And Highlights


Last Friday I got to hang out at the Green Living Business Summit and Expo here in Nashville. After successfully ducking out of some horribly boring panel discussions, I ran into some great green friends (and made some new ones)...and got them on camera to share with you! First up is a video with Sam Davidson & Stephen Moseley, co-founders of Cool People Care and Andy from Friendly Arctic Printing and Design. Don't miss the quick instructions on how you can receive a FREE non-toxic, … [Read more...]

Vegetarian [Vampires] Taste Better…Especially in Twilight

Who knows what tomorrow is? If you guessed the opening of Twilight, you're right. If you've been in a cave (or a coffin) and don't know about this movie release, it's your not-so-typical teeny bopper love story movie. With vampires. Vegetarian vampires. One of whom is in love with a mortal. Who he wants to bite. One thing is for sure, if Bella IS a vegetarian she would taste a lot better to Edward...and I don't mean her blood. … [Read more...]

Green Weekend Tip: Take In a Drive-In Movie

Looking for something fun and green to do this weekend? How about going to a drive-in movie? turned me on to this tip yesterday and I thought it was a great idea to pass on. Drive-Ins encourage carpooling, use less energy than conventional theatres, and save can you a trunk load of money as well! Oh you don't think there are any drive-in theatres around you? I bet there are. … [Read more...]