10 Ways To Green Your Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. I know I am behind in getting ready for it, but assuming that others are more on top of things, here are a few ideas for how to green your Halloween. These ideas will help you green everything from your Halloween candy to your Halloween decorations and even your Halloween costume! … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own LED Halloween Lights

Halloween is just around the corner, but it's not too late to get your Halloween decorations up. Whether we're talking about Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, or even the Superbowl, strings of LED lights are the foundation of any great decor! Check out these 2 awesome ways to make your own custom LED Halloween lights...   DIY Halloween Light Project #1: … [Read more...]

Sex Appeal and DIY Projects Rule 2009

The 1st decade of the new millennium is over and we had a great time here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. But what were the most popular posts of 2009? It was all about the DIY projects...from the sexy, to the practical, to the "why didn't I think of that?". … [Read more...]

9 Creative Pumpkin Recipes For Fall Festivities


Looking for a fun and creative pumpkin recipe to enjoy with the cool fall weather and the changing color of the leaves? Me too! Of course you have the quintessential pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread recipes, but those get tired and old after a couple of times. Try some of these creative pumpkin recipes to switch it up a little bit this fall...   … [Read more...]

4 Sexy DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

Sure, sure, making awesome Halloween costumes from things you already have around the house is great. But what does Halloween really translate to for us men folk? Sexy girls in naughty costumes! Luckily both for the girls who are looking for the perfect adult Halloween costume and for the men who like to oogle them, I'm bringing you 4 of the best sexy DIY Halloween costumes I could find, and the how-to's for making them! From what I hear, being seen in the exact same Halloween costume … [Read more...]

3 Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Things You Already Have at Home

Did you need the defibrillator to recover from sticker shop after shopping for this year's Halloween costume? Well how about making your own costume? You don't have to be as lame as just putting on a leather jacket and slicking your hair back to say that you're a greaser. No, no, no... there are some truly amazing DIY Halloween costume ideas floating around out there. And many of them can be made from little more than cardboard and other things that you already have lying around your … [Read more...]

3 Super Healthy, Low Budget, and Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy Ideas

Look up the thesaurus entry for most any bag Halloween candy and you'll likely find synonyms including "ADHD agent", "Asthma enhancer", and "Lysdexia fueler"... Whoops, I meant "Dyslexia fueler." Fear not little goblins, we're not going to talk about the evils of food additives and simple sugars right now. What we are going to talk about are 3 awesome sources for eco-friendly (and healthier) Halloween candy that -- get this -- won't cost you a fortune!   … [Read more...]

Official National Vampire Awareness Day: Phantom Load Facts

Everyone knows hanging around a vampire will likely end up [literally] getting the life sucked out of you. Why then do we let so many vampires hang around our homes without even a shred of garlic, a piece of silver, or the ever-handy UV light to vanquish them with? Fear not my friends, for today is National Vampire Awareness Day, as deemed by big box store Best Buy. Wait, Best Buy?? That's right, because we're not talking about REAL vampires (geez you're gullible), we're talking about … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know to Make Halloween a Green-o-Ween

Halloween is just around the corner, but this year GREEN is the new black. Oh you don't have to dye your full length vampire cape forest green, but there are some amazingly fun, simple, and tasty ways to have a great green-o-ween this year. There's vegan Halloween cupcakes, eco-safe candy, reusable Halloween bags, and so much more. Be sure to let us know your favorite way to have a green-o-ween!   … [Read more...]