Dreaming Of A Green Honeymoon? A Newlywed’s Fun Tips For Having An Eco-Friendly Honeymoon


When Mark and I were planning our September 2012 nuptials, we made every decision with the question of “how much unnecessary waste will this produce?” looming in the back of our minds. The result? We had our wedding invitations designed like postcards to cut back on paper, featured caterers that used locally grown ingredients and decorated with potted plants instead of cut flowers. So when it came time to plan our honeymoon, it only made sense that we would want our romantic trip to be … [Read more...]

How to “Use the Force” to Lower Gas Prices

darth vadar kid using the force

If you are not one of the 42 million or so people who have watched the Darth Vader kid & Volkswagen commercial (“The Force”) on YouTube or who saw it during the Super Bowl, you should go check it out now (and then come back to this post). One of the best Congressmen out there today, in my humble opinion -- Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) -- and the Natural Resources Committee (Democrats) recently made a great spoof of this video, or sequel you might say. But, beyond just spoofing or making … [Read more...]

4 Unusual Ways To Use Your Car To Live Green

If you own a car, you may not think of it as a creative means to be a bit more green. And to be honest, the best way to make your car green is to not drive it. Instead take the bus or other forms of public transportation. Or better yet, walk or ride a bike. However, if you are in a situation where a car is needed, then there are a few unusual ways to tweak it a bit and get a few green benefits. We have a few listed here to get you started, but with a little creativity you may think of … [Read more...]

VerdeGoh! – The New Spin [and Shop] on Green


What do you get when you combine a tree hugger, entrepreneur, and the crazy eco-vision of one kick ass green guy? VerdeGoh! You may not know whether you're right side up or upside down, but when you get your bearings you can rest assured you're probably safe and sound in a Zenn electric car in front of VerdeGoh's green general store. ...or at least you should be!   … [Read more...]

Screw Democracy, Build Your Own OILigarchy

It may be your only shot at surviving the end of the world.If you're in the U.S. and neither one of the candidates are quite working for ya (or, like me, not voting is the only vote you have), why not construct your own system of government?Why not build an elaborate OILigarchy? (Because democracy is so overrated.) … [Read more...]

To Inflate OR To Drill? That Is The Question.


Obama says Americans should inflate our tires to the proper level. McCain says Americans should drill offshore. Which plan is more beneficial? Well, that depends on what you think is beneficial. If you think spending billions of dollars setting up offshore drilling that will further foster our dependence on fossil fuels, destroy marine life, and not make a difference until about the year 2030, then you should go the McCain route. If you want a difference (environmentally and … [Read more...]

3 Free Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage Right Away!

Will gas prices ever cease their steep ascent into the stratosphere? I wish we had the problem of the "high gas prices" in the picture to the right. Sheesh. I barely even remember $1.93/gallon!! Luckily, there are an almost infinite number of ways to get more miles out of each gallon of gas we rellunctantly buy. Even better, is that many of them are absolutely free! What more can you ask for than to SAVE money without spending it?   … [Read more...]

4 Reasons To Use Biodiesel As An Alternative Fuel

Using cash crops and volatile nuclear materials as alternative means of power in place of fossil fuels -- who'd have thought? That's right, a couple of big buzz words in the automotive world are biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cell. But what are they good for? (Does anyone else but me desperately want to insert, "...absolutely nothing" whenever they hear that question?) Anyway, since hydrogen fuel cell cars are still greatly in the fetus stage of development, we'll focus mostly on biodiesel … [Read more...]

To Save Money On Gas, Here’s What You REALLY Should And Shouldn’t Do

A story at Yahoo News reports, "Despite record fuel prices above $3 per gallon, more Americans will travel by car over the Memorial Day holiday weekend than a year ago, according to a survey by travel agency AAA." Before you load up and head out for a long holiday weekend, why not complete some quick and simple tasks to help you save some money at the pump? As promised, following is an in-depth list of do's and dont's to help you save money at the pump in a regular gas-powered … [Read more...]