Solar Bikinis that Can Power Your iPod, iPhone, & More

Keep your gadgets charged with this sexy solar powered bikini

What’s hotter than a solar panel bikini? Not much for us clean energy geeks. Truthfully, I have to say that this creation of Brooklynite Andrew Schneider looks a little strange, but it’s also quite a cool and interesting concept. Now, you are probably wondering at this point, is this for real? Can you really create solar power from your bathing suit? Can you actually swim in this thing? The answers: yes, yes, and yes. … [Read more...]

Get Your Crafty Cruise On With A Folding Swiss Army Knife Bike


Ever wish you had a bike that was sort of like a Swiss army knife? Well, some Swiss designers have developed a nifty, folding electric bike that seems to fit the bill. The Voltitude, as it is called, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year and is supposed to be on the market worldwide sometime in 2011. It's incredibly easy to fold and unfold the bike. … [Read more...]

Edible Cups Made With Natural Ingredients & Flavors… And They’re Litter-Friendly!

Littering is cool. So, if you haven’t gone and reported me to the “green” police by now, I’ll explain what I mean. A company by the name of The Way We See The World has designed a line of Jelloware cups that are edible, as well biodegradable. As if that wasn’t cool enough, if you end up throwing the cup in the grass after use, it will actually provide added nutrients to the grass! So who thinks this might be the perfect cup for all those outside spring and summer cocktail parties? … [Read more...]

The Only Tears Shed Over This Rain Barrel Are Because It’s Not Available Yet

Newsflash: Rainwater doesn't contain why would you give your plants water that does? Oh I see, you think those plastic 55 gallon drum-like rain barrels are ugly. Hey, I can't blame you there (even though you can build a rain barrel for a mere $10). Well even if some of the more aesthetically pleasing ways of building a rain barrel still fail to tickle your fancy, I'm SURE that this one will... Read on to find out more about it. … [Read more...]

Tron Vs. Gladiator: Which Bike Helmet Concept Is the Best?

What could be better than cruising on your bike while jamming to some good tunes rockin' from your iPod? How about cruising on your bike while jamming to some good tunes rockin' from your iPod that is being charged by the wind passing through your helmet? But wait, I can do even one better than the wind turbine helmet (with built in shades, if you didn't see those)... How about a bike helmet modeled after a roman gladiators helmet? I kid you not, read on to check it out.  … [Read more...]