Buy Used Books and Get Fairtrade Chocolate Free

Got a love for books and a sweet tooth to match? Well you’re in luck because Better World Books, an eco-friendly online bookseller, is teaming up with Divine Chocolate for the month of November to provide free delectable chocolates in each package of books ordered.Sound too good to be true? It's not. Here's how to get your free chocolates... … [Read more...]

Hydros Bottle: Providing Clean Water On The Go AND Where There Isn’t Water Yet Available

Clean water rocks. Drinking clean, filtered water usually requires a sink-mounted or pitcher type filter, but you could free yourself from your home filter by grabbing a water bottle that does the filtering for you. Here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, we've been fortunate enough to test to test 2 filtered water bottles, over the past couple of weeks. Last week, I reviewed the WaterGeeks stainless steel filtered water bottle, a bottle that filters water as you drink it. This … [Read more...]

Recycled Plates With A Purpose Are Both Charitable and Beautiful

Are you looking for a great belated Christmas gift to give someone (or yourself)? Check out Plates With a Purpose by Riverside Design.These plates are creatively and beautifully crafted from recycled glass and non-toxic color and are sure to make your 1st party of the new year a smashing success.As wonderful as their non-toxic and eco-friendly construction is, the real triumph of these plates is that Riverside Design donates 15% of Plates with Purpose proceeds to partner chapters of various … [Read more...]

Break Me Off A Piece of That Not-So Fairtrade Kit Kat Bar

You'll soon be seeing a new logo on the front of Nestlé's Kit Kat bar, the Fairtrade certified logo -- but only if you live in the UK.What is Fairtrade, why does it matter (or does it matter), and why only Fairtrade Kit Kat's in the UK?Well that's what we're fixing to tell you... … [Read more...]

Twestival: How You Can Help Save the World

What's a Twestival? It's a Twitter festival, and it will help give the world access to clean drinking water. On February 12th, 175+ cities around the world will hold Twestivals where local Twitter users (and friends) will come together to "tweet, meet, and give". The cause? Charity:Water. Check out the details below. There are a sad few charities that give 100% of proceeds to their cause... But Twestival is one of them. What wil Charity:Water do with the … [Read more...]

Go Flock Yourself, Eco Style

Having a hard time finding fun and easy information on living green? Mozilla's social media browser, Flock, rolled out it's Eco Edition yesterday on Earth Day. I downloaded it and have been exploring it's features today and my official analysis is WOW! What makes this browser so great for you and the Earth? Let's find out... … [Read more...]

It’s A Nice Day For A Green Wedding: 5 Unique Ways To Green Your Wedding


Ok, so maybe Billy Idol hasn't immortalized the term yet, but green weddings sure are gaining popularity. I predict it is merely a matter of time before he comes back with a rendition of his famous song. This past Sunday morning, the weekend edition of the Today Show ran a story about green weddings. Are you or do you know someone planning a wedding? 'Tis the season, after all. How about having some fun by leaving white by the wayside, and go green for your wedding? … [Read more...]