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It’s A Nice Day For A Green Wedding: 5 Unique Ways To Green Your Wedding

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By Jeffrey

Ok, so maybe Billy Idol hasn’t immortalized the term yet, but green weddings sure are gaining popularity. I predict it is merely a matter of time before he comes back with a rendition of his famous song.

This past Sunday morning, the weekend edition of the Today Show ran a story about green weddings.


Are you or do you know someone planning a wedding? ‘Tis the season, after all.

How about having some fun by leaving white by the wayside, and go green for your wedding?

All it takes to green your wedding is a little forethought.

This will prevent you from asking the question the New York Times asked with an article in February entitled, How Green Was My Wedding?

There are several notable websites with very handy ideas to get the ball rolling towards your eco-friendly wedding. One such site is There you can find a lengthy list of creative ways to green your wedding in every way — from the location you choose, to the invitations you send, and the favors you give your guests.

Below are my 5 favorite green wedding tips…


5 Ways To Green Your Wedding

#1 – “Consider an outdoor wedding at a favorite natural spot to add to the beauty of your celebration and to remind yourself why you make environmentally responsible choices every day.”

#2 – “Learn how you can donate your wedding dress for charity at”

#3 – “Buy 100% PCW (post consumer waste) recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine. Encourage guests to recycle their invitations, or have seeds embedded in the paper so that guests can plant the invitations and enjoy the flowers that grow from them.”

#4 – “Find a florist that uses flowers from local and/or organic farms.” Also check out my post back at Valentine’s Day about buying green roses.

#5 – “If you are still establishing a home, think about registering with an eco-conscious retailer to minimize receiving unnecessary trinkets from guests who aren’t sure what you need.”


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One Final Green Wedding Idea

Don’t forget, living green should always be fun…

Maybe you could give a special door prize to the group of guests who arrived with the most people in their car.

Not only would it be hilarious to see piles of people crammed in various arriving vehicles (and you may want someone filming that), but it will also minimize the vehicle pollution generated from your many guests’ transit.

What are some ideas you’ve heard of to have a green wedding?