Make Your Own PC or Server From an Empty Whiskey Bottle

"The fun doesn’t end when the whiskey runs dry," is what my old pappy used to tell me.

Ok, so I don’t really have an old pappy, but does that make the statement any less true?


We’ve already shown you 4 awesome DIY ideas for empty wine bottles, but take a look at this project that will help you conceal a home server or PC in an empty whiskey bottle!


For me, one of the most fun and rewarding ways to live greener is to repurpose something. I love finding ways to reuse items and give them a new life as something else.

Always keep in mind the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…and in that order.

For this crafty DIY project, Jason Marton of MetkuMods shows how he used an empty whiskey bottle to make a home server or PC blend in with your dry bar…but of course you could just tackle this project yourself because of the 100’s of cool points you’ll earn from your friends.

Check out Jason’s post to find out how to put it all together, but as for the materials, he used:

  • 1.5 liter Ballantine’s bottle
  • 3.5" SBC board
  • Intel P3 733EB processor
  • 256MB notebook RAM
  • 40GB notebook HDD
  • 60W mini-ITX PSU
  • 44 pin mini-IDE cable

The cool thing about making your own PC or server is that you can include any ports, hardware, or connectors that you need. It’s the ultimate must-make DIY project for the techy crowd.

Would you consider making your own computer or server from an empty whiskey (or other alcohol of your choice) bottle? If not, how about volunteering to empty the bottles for your friends who want to tackle this project?

Yeah, that’s what I though…

[via LifeHacker]



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