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Bike component super-power, Shimano, is bringing the first serious ebike conversion system to market later this fall. Now your favorite bike can become your favorite electric bike.

Tasty, frosty beverages an an essential part of beating the summer heat. Grab an old bike crank arm and craft the best brew and bottle opener around.

Biking to work can be a fun and freeing way to start your day. Here are some tips to help you stay safe as you try out bike commuting for the first time...and a video of what NOT to do.

May is chocked full of great reasons to rid your body, food, air, and life of toxins.

Why waste gas driving around to look at Christmas lights when you could be your very own Christmas lights display on two wheels?

Gangsta rap isn't just about being on a boat, it can be about being a bike too. Hilarious!

If the choice was urs, would you rather look like a character right out of Tron or a Roman Gladiator in your bike helmet?

Have you always dreamed of riding in the Tour de France? Well now you can...virtually.

Did you know May is National Bike Month? Why not try riding your bike to work? Just be sure to NOT die... Don't worry, we'll help you.