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4 Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally (and Panda) Friendly… With Bamboo!

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By Jeffrey

bamboo-forestIt takes 120 years for a maple tree to grow to maturity and be harvested.

It takes bamboo 3 years.

Bamboo is that fastest naturally replenishing resource in the world and does not require replanting, fertilizers, and pesticides. It also acts as a great carbon sequester as it minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees.

TreeHugger.com points out that while it is clearly a renewable resource that can contribute to sustainable living, in some cases it may not be managed in the most sustainable way.

As long as we consider and investigate the source of the bamboo, it can be used for many things, from hardwood flooring to bed sheets.

There are some false truths regarding bamboo and it’s use as a sustainable resource and way to live green…especially when it comes to bamboo as a flooring alternative.

Again, just check the source to make sure it’s the best product it can be and this can be a fun, different, and panda friendly resource for your home.


Bamboo as a Hardwood Flooring Alternative:
Thinking of putting hardwood or laminate floors in a portion or throughout your home? Consider bamboo flooring instead. You’re sure to be the only (or one of verrrry few) person(s) on the block who has this type of flooring. The basic rule on bamboo flooring is that the lighter the wood, the more durable it will be. It’d be a good idea to avoid manufacturers who use formaldehyde bonding agents in bamboo flooring. More info on bamboo flooring at BuildingGreen.com.

Bamboo Bed Sheets:
Again from TreeHugger.com, “Bamboo fiber has officially entered the mainstream. Bed, Bath and Beyond now offers these sheets made of 100% bamboo fiber with a thread count of 230. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics in the world — softer than cotton but with a drape like silk. The sheet sets cost between $39-$99.”

My wife and I will be diving into these new sheets in the very near future!

Strut Your Stuff in Bamboo Clothing:
Next time someone says, “Hey your shirt sure is soft! Where’d you get it?” You can say, “From a panda bear’s food dish.” BambooClothes.com has men’s and women’s t-shirts, tanks, underwear, and socks in 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton blends. That’s a tough combo to beat.

Use a Bamboo Cutting Board for Your Culinary Wonders:
When bamboo fibers are tightly (and safely) bonded together, they can provide an extremely durable cutting surface…without taking out a 300 year old cedar to do it. TotallyBamboo.com has some beautiful, practical, and affordable bamboo cutting boards for all your chopping, mincing, and dicing needs. Heck, while you’re there, check out their bamboo counter tops!


What are some other uses you may have found for bamboo in and around your home?