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3 Fun And Free Ways To Keep Warm With Your Partner!

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By Jeffrey

fun-ways-to-stay-warmIt’s getting cooler outside and, for most of us, that means higher energy bills.

So how can you cut costs from the frost?

Check out some of these free — and more importantly — fun ways to keep warm as the temperature drops.

Don’t go running to the thermostat as the weather begins to turn cooler.

Try some of these tips first:


#1 – Do something physical!

As a personal fitness trainer, I’m a big proponent of physical fitness. When you feel a chill coming on, put on the track pants and Under Armor gear and head to the gym, go for a run, hop on your bike, or take part in another physical activity of your choice.

Partaking in something physical will boost your metabolism helping you both maintain that hard-earned figure through the holidays AND keep warm (through thermogenesis) during the colder months.


#2 – Why stop there? Now it’s time to get clean.

After all that sweating, now you’ve got to get clean.

Instead of cranking up a steamy hot shower, maxing out one of the largest energy drains in your home (the water heater), take a cold shower!


Well this one only works if you’ve got that special someone you’ve devoted yourself to for life, but cold water can supposedly result in sexual arousal — a phenomenon called psychrophilia.

That leads us to the most fun and (hopefully) free warming activity of them all…


#3 – Personal body warmth [read S-E-X-]

That’s right, following the results of that cold shower would be my personal favorite way to stay warm with my wife through the winter… and every other time of year.

Though the information I’ve found varies:

  • “Most people burn about 100 to 200 calories each time they have sex”, according to EverydayHealth.com.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can really crank up the heat (and the fitness) and follow Cosmo UK’s steps towards the steamy, sweaty, make you forget that there even is an outside world much less the temperature of it, 400 calorie burning romp session.
  • Mother Nature Network says what we’ve already discussed here before: there are tremendous health benefits of a healthy (and green) sex life. Chock up lower heating costs to one more benefit therein.


What are some of your favorite ways to keep warm together?