How One Voracious Reader Learned to Live Green

by Regina

books, paper, recycling

cheap-ebook-reader-diy.JPGLike anyone who is trying to live green, I have a problem with the speed with which the rain forests and every other forest on the planet for that matter are being cut down.

One of the reasons, of course, that so many trees are being cut down in addition to the fact that humanity is expanding at an exponential rate, is our need for paper products. One of those paper products are books.

I freely admit that I am a book junkie, and I have more paperbacks in my house than any one woman should own in a lifetime.

The fact is I adore reading, and am a voracious reader, but this sometimes clashes with my concerns about the numbers of trees being cut down to provide me with my favorite vice.


Green Tips For Avid Readers

One of the things that I have started doing in order to help preserve the environment when it comes to my book fetish is that I’m buying ebooks instead of paperbacks.

Like most people when I first heard of e-books I sort of turned my nose up at them. I mean who wants to sit at a computer and read? Not to mention the eyestrain from staring at a computer screen too long, and not being able to take an e-book with you anywhere.

So for some time I steered clear of ebooks. That is until I started reviewing and found that most of the books I was given to review were e-books. I discovered that there were some very well written e-books out there, and also discovered that I preferred many of the ebook authors I was reading over many of the authors who were published in paperback.

However, I still had the problem of portability, I couldn’t take my e-books with me when I left the house, and I wasn’t willing to spend the $200-$500 necessary to get an ebook reader. That is until I purchased a used pocket PC for $65 off of eBay.

With a little research I discovered that pocket PCs can be used as e-book readers, and the other nice thing about them is that they require far less electricity to run than a computer does.

So, now I have come full circle because I’m saving a few trees by not buying so many paperbacks, as well as room in my house since I can save my e-books on my computer, and I’m not using as much electricity because I’m reading ebooks on my pocket PC instead of my computer, and now I can take my ebooks with me anywhere!

Another way that I’m trying to live green when it comes to my reading vice is that when I do purchase paperbacks, I’m buying them secondhand. I only occasionally purchase paperbacks new now, and only if they are by a favorite author. By purchasing used, I figure I’m participating in recycling and preventing a book from eventually winding up in a landfill.

These are only 2 options for helping to save some of our forests from winding up as paper and then eventually as trash. I also visit the library quite often and borrow books, which is another great way to live green.

The more we find ways to conserve energy and recycle when it comes to our demand for more books, and paper, the better our chances are of not only living a more green lifestyle, but of helping to preserve the living resources we have in our forests.