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Looking for some spooky ecofriendly Halloween decorations this year? Make your own Halloween LED lights! Here's how...

Got Mardi Gras beads? You can reuse parade parade beads as gift wrap, a DIY chandelier, drink coasters, centerpieces, party favors - or just recycle them!

Recycled paper from old magazines, newspapers, and phone books can be put to good use by trying one of these 5 fun recycled art projects!

Think an automatic car wash is eco-friendly? It's not! 5 DIY car wash tips to save water AND the environment. Plus some of the best car wash supplies to try

fall foliage

Looking for fun and rewarding ways to recycle your fall foliage? Here are 3 great ways to use fall leaves around the house.

1980s kitchen

Recycle your 1980s kitchen by giving it an affordable, green makeover! Simple DIY ideas to make your old kitchen look new again.

If you're crafty (even just a little), you can reuse hubcaps in several fun DIY projects. Here are 3 unique ways to reuse hubcaps & give them a new purpose.

If your computer crashed (or died) like mine did, you can still recycle the hard drive. Here's how to remove the hard drive & use it as an external hard drive

For an inexpensive natural weed killer, try this simple & effective natural weed killer recipe: just salt, vinegar, and dish soap!