Geocache a Forest With Your iPhone or Android Device

Geocaching: Using GPS coordinates to track down hidden (but useless) crap and leave other useless crap in its place...but hey, you still feel like Indiana Jones doing it!Seriously though, geocaching is growing in popularity in the U.S., and it's now easier than before.  … [Read more...]

Obesity: The Most Eco-Friendly Way to Live (and Die)

Want to do your part for the planet? Get fat. The fatter the better. Check out this epic eco (and health) fail over at the FAIL Blog. The FAIL Blog says, "Help save the planet by being fat! Whenever you see a fat person cheer for them because they are helping the planet by dying young!" This, by the way, is apparently a card from The Green Game. It's no surprise that it only has a 2-star rating at Amazon, is it? So what do you think?... Is cholesterol the new alternative energy … [Read more...]

Coca Cola Should Be the 2010 Olympics Green Medal Winner

Were you glued to the 2010 Winter Olympics over the past couple of weeks?Did you know that they were the greenest olympics to have ever taken place? (Even the medals were partially made from recycled electronics!)What uber hip, eco-friendly, conservation giant do you think was leading the charge to keep the 2010 Vancouver Olympics green?Coca Cola.Seriously? Coke? Yes.As a matter of fact, a recent study found that though consumers thought Coca Cola was one of the least eco-friendly companies … [Read more...]

Screw Democracy, Build Your Own OILigarchy

It may be your only shot at surviving the end of the world.If you're in the U.S. and neither one of the candidates are quite working for ya (or, like me, not voting is the only vote you have), why not construct your own system of government?Why not build an elaborate OILigarchy? (Because democracy is so overrated.) … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Teach Children To Live Green …Even If You Don’t Have Kids Yourself!


As you know, children learn how to do things by watching and mimicking adults. If adults set a bad example by doing tasks in front of children the wrong way, then of course the children learn to do these tasks the wrong way as well. They don't know it's the wrong way, they are just learning. This is true for any task or set of tasks, including living green and doing what you can to help preserve the environment. The world is going to someday day belong to our children and if we … [Read more...]

Major League Baseball is Going Green, and it’s Not Just all the Grass

The great american past-time of baseball is going green.Up until now, I guess the Green Monstah at Fenway Park has been the greenest thing about baseball...but that's all a'changin'.Unlike more cookie cutter type plans implemented by other sports teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, the MLB's "Team Greening Program" is tailored to each individual team and stadium.Now that's cool. … [Read more...]

Philly Eagles Really are Green

Ever considered the environmental impact of one of your favorite team's games? The Philadelphia Eagles have. They say, "The major source of game-related CO2 came from travel activities and accommodations. Fans, media, and teams traveling by air, bus, and car will generate more than 10,900 tons of CO2--about 99% of the event's total carbon footprint." So what are they doing to change it? … [Read more...]