5 Green Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

by Zachary

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Want to have a green Valentine’s Day with your special someone? Of course you do. Here are some cool date ideas to start your relationship off or keep it rolling in a good green way.


1. Go to the park. If the weather is right in your area of the world, plan a picnic or some other sort of fun in the park. (Truthfully, perhaps my first date with my partner of nearly four years was a picnic in the park. It was a memorable and important experience.)

2. Ice skating. If you are in a totally different climate, maybe ice skating on a (safely frozen) lake or somewhere else would be a better idea. We’ve seen it in a number of romantic comedies — it’s a great way to get a little closer to that special someone

3. Volunteer for an environmental organization. If you’re both super caring folks and want to live a super green life, there are plenty of worth environmental organizations out there that could use a helping hand (or four) and I’m sure the large majority of them aren’t taking a day off for Valentine’s Day. Get in touch with one and plan a special date that you won’t forget and that will help the world.

4. Have a homey Valentine’s Day date. You don’t have to go out to have a romantic, memorable day. You could stay home, bake some goodies, cook a delicious dinner together, eat in candlelight, enjoy a movie or some games, and perhaps more…. Staying and eating at home saves energy and is a green thing to do.

5. Go for a bike ride. Enjoy a nice, scenic bike ride in your area, perhaps combining it with #1 or #3 above, and let the endorphins set the mood for a nice dinner,… of course, shower pooling first.

Hope you like these green date ideas. Any more to add?

[Photo: guy martel/Flickr]