Tips On Wasting Less From A Suburban Mom

People, especially Americans, throw out a ton of garbage that isn’t... well... garbage. The average American household actually produces approximately 18 pounds of garbage daily. But how much of that could be disposed of in a more eco-friendly way, or not disposed of at all?     … [Read more...]

Coca Cola Should Be the 2010 Olympics Green Medal Winner

Were you glued to the 2010 Winter Olympics over the past couple of weeks?Did you know that they were the greenest olympics to have ever taken place? (Even the medals were partially made from recycled electronics!)What uber hip, eco-friendly, conservation giant do you think was leading the charge to keep the 2010 Vancouver Olympics green?Coca Cola.Seriously? Coke? Yes.As a matter of fact, a recent study found that though consumers thought Coca Cola was one of the least eco-friendly companies … [Read more...]