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With the economy and the price of oil like it is, many people are looking at buying hybrid vehicles. But is that really a good deal?

Want to get better gas mileage? Check out these 3 free ways to get more from every drop of gas you put in your car!

Put a cow in your tank with GET's new motor oil made from beef byproducts!

Save money, the environment, and have a blast by taking in a drive-in movie this weekend. Yeah, there's probably a theatre near you.

Who thought we'd be using soybeans and volatile parts of nuclear weapons for alternative fuels in our vehicles? But hey, if it works! Biodiesel tips here.

Want to save money at the pump this Memorial Day weekend? Take 30 minutes to follow these tips and save big on gas!

Every wondered what the differences in diesel and hybrid vehicles are? Which one is right for you? We've got you covered with all the details here at the Fun Times Guide to Living Green

Are you helping or hurting the environment? We are trying to help... but there are obviously more things that we could be doing. Here are some ideas of things you can do to make a difference with regard to Global Warming.

Green Business. It's a growing trend in the world and CNN Money just released a list of the 10 greenest companies in the world. Check it out.