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Some down & dirty practical ways that living green actually saves you more money than non-green options do - point by point, with my own firsthand examples.

Get rid of pointless things taking up space in your life. Its good for you & the planet! Here are 3 key points from the book 50 Things Your Life Doesnt Need

The Hydros Bottle is a BPA-free water bottle that can filter your water on the go AND raise money for clean water initiatives around the world.

Hats off to this AMAZING pug! If he can live green, so can we.

The Coca Cola company may seem to be an unlikely candidate for the greenest sponsor of the 2010 Olympics, but wait until you see how far they went to be just that.

Have you realized that bottled water is one of the biggest scams of our time? MSN Money is now helping to pass along the word.

Don't fall prey to bottled water companies! Here are 3 alternatives to obtain pure, sustainable water right from your tap.


Filtering your water or drinking water straight from the tap only solves half the problem of consuming bottled water. The other half is that we most likely still put it in an unsafe, non-renewable, plastic container. Let's find out what you should use if you must use plastic.

Did you know that bottled water isn't any more healthy than your tap water? And - get this - it's packaged in a crude oil derivative. YUCK!