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The Bottled Water Scam Gains Visibility

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By Jeffrey

Haven’t yet realized the scam that is one of our number one fetishes?


Chances are, you recently have.

That’s right, bottled water is a complete and utter scam…and now MSN Money is passing on the word.

Last year Americans spent $15 billion (more than that spent on iPod’s and movie tickets) on a product they could have for free.

Randy from The Fun Times Guide to Home Building tipped me off to this main stream media story that appeared on MSN Money and written by Charles Fishman of Fast Company that explores the bottled water farce industry from many viewpoints.


What Are The Problems With Bottled Water?

None… unless you consider catastrophic environmental impact, thievery of resources from impoverished nations, government corruption, cancer (and other health related issues), pollution, and a completely unnecessary drain on your wallet to be problems.

Check out the [long] MSN Money story for more information.

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