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Good News: Americans Are Becoming More Environmentally Aware & Conscious Of Their Behaviors!

living-greenA new national survey of more than 1,000 Americans found that ‘being green’ is becoming more mainstream and has less of a stigma tied to it than it once did.

According to the survey, getting caught littering is more embarrassing to Americans than getting caught cheating on taxes.

Other behaviors that people admit to being socially aware that they’re doing include:

  • not recycling plastic bottles
  • driving a vehicles that gets only a few miles per gallon
  • letting the water run while brushing teeth

It’s clear that it is no longer just a highly motivated ‘few’ who are conscious about their own environmentally friendly actions these days.



It’s The Little Things

For most, it’s important to start small in order to stay committed to living green.

In  my case, I set a few simple actions as my New Year’s Resolutions a few years ago.

Things like turning off the water while brushing my teeth, closing the refrigerator door ASAP each time, and using shorter cycles on the washing machine and dishwasher have now become habit for me.

Those are very small ways that I’m routinely doing a very small thing to save energy and be more environmentally friendly. (Every little thing counts!)


Our data clearly shows that acting in ways that aren’t eco-friendly should soon be considered embarrassing for greater numbers of people. Being green will be the new normal. — Suzanne Shelton, CEO of Shelton Group


The results from the survey are quite revealing.

These were the responses to “How embarrassed would you be if someone you admire found out that you…”

  • Shoplift – 73%
  • Got a DUI – 65%
  • Throw trash out of the car window – 59%
  • Cheat on taxes – 57%
  • Smoke cigarettes – 36%
  • Don’t use a seatbelt – 32%
  • Drive a vehicle that gets 13 or 14 MPG – 26%
  • Don’t recycle plastic bottles – 18%
  • Most often use paper plates and paper towels/napkins instead of reusable products – 18%
  • Keep thermometer set to 73 degrees year-round – 18%
  • Let the water run while brushing teeth – 17%


The survey also examined what would encourage people to adopt eco-friendly behaviors even more quickly. See what respondents said would be a “major influence” in changing their behavior to help the environment.

What about you?

How would you rank the above behaviors, in terms of how devastated you would be if someone you admire caught you doing them?




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