Guerilla Gardening: Move Over Seed Bombs, Flower Grenades Incoming!

by Jeffrey

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Love gardening, but don’t feel like you have the time or the space?

Maybe guerrilla gardening is a better fit for you.

Guerilla gardening is simply bringing life to an abandoned (or just plain ugly) piece of land, property, garden, telephone pole, pot hole, or anywhere else you can think of.



The chief weapon in a guerrilla gardener’s arsenal is the seed bomb.

Seed bombs are simply balls of:

  • red clay
  • compost or dirt
  • seeds

You can make them for mere pennies and throw them wherever you can find empty land — whether it be an abandoned lot or a tiny crack in the sidewalk.

If, however, you don’t want to take the time to make your own seed bombs, a couple of European designers have come up with your next must-have gardening weapon.

Treehugger says:

“Tony Minh Nguyen and SnowHome have taken inspiration from the concept of guerilla gardening to design these clay hand grenades full of seeds. Rye grass seeds take root in the first week, then buttercups and poppies pop up a bit later”


These flower grenades come in a 3-pack and cost £12.00. Flower grenades are only available to those of you in the EU. If you live in the US you should definitely check out the region-specific seed bomb pouches from VisuaLingual.

A pouch of 5 seed bombs will set you back $7. [HINT: Check your local Anthropologie. They sell the same seed bomb pouches for $6.]

Ever tried seed bombing or other guerrilla gardening tactics? What did you do and how did you like it?

Image: Suck UK via Treehugger