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How do you save $840 million and about 500,000 trees? Send a Christmas ecard instead of a paper one.

Live green by sending a Christmas eCard...for free! Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to easily create your very own animated picture slide show, complete with falling snowflakes and swaying ornaments.

Check out this guide to LED Christmas lighting before running off to the store. You could save some big money and time!

Recycling 1 plastic bottle can clothe 10 people. Who knew? Thanks to America Recycles Day, now you do.

China is a producer of many things we use...but recycled condoms in your hair shouldn't be one of them!

The Philadelphia Eagles are going green! That's right, imagine the environmental impact of a professional football game...and what could be done to turn it around.

Want to save some money and energy as the temperature drops outside? Check out these fun and free ways to stay warm together through the winter.


A huge list of FREE and SIMPLE things you can do to live green every day... and save money while saving the planet!

Do you have a recycled pet? If so, then you're already thinking green, and your pet thanks you. Here are 5 easy ways to be a green dog owner or a green cat owner...