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5 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner: Start With A Recycled (Adopted) Dog Or Cat

Is your dog or cat a “recycled” pet? Mine is.

What is a recycled dog or a recycled cat, you ask?


Recycled pets are simply “rescued” pets, according to today’s earth-friendly lingo.

If you are thinking that a cat or dog would make a good addition to your family, think about finding a recycled pet whose life could use a little love. You’ll never regret it. Source

So, the first thing is adopt, don’t shop.

Next, ask yourself these 3 questions:


5 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

#1 – Perhaps the easiest way to be a green pet owner is to choose a “recycled” dog or cat. An eco-friendly pet owner will rescue and rehome a displaced dog or cat rather than buy one. (Don’t Shop… Adopt!)

#2 – Whether you’ve rescued a dog or cat, or found your beloved pet through some other means, the next best way to be a “green” pet owner is to spay or neuter your pet. Doing so, means that you are taking an active role in helping to control the pet population (and CO2 emissions).

#3 – Buy pet foods that are all-natural or organic. By switching to natural, organic dog food — or by preparing your dog’s meals at home yourself — you can ensure that your dog is eating what’s best for him while saying no to poor farming practices and the use of harmful pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in pet food.

#4 – Purchase toys and other pet products that are made with natural, organic or recycled materials. Most pet toys are not so great for the environment — either they aren’t biodegradable or they weren’t made in an environmentally friendly way. You’ll have to look harder to find pet toys that are made from recycled materials, but it’s worth it.

#5 – Think of all the things you look for when you’re buying eco-friendly products for your home or office (…buy close to home, purchase items that are sustainable, require less manpower, and don’t have to be replaced often). Apply those same principles to products for your pet and you’ll make an even bigger impact on the environment.


Think green. Future generations (and your pet) will thank you!


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