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As an advocate for good health, I usually try to choose the 'greener' option over other more dangerous and/or wasteful options. Generally speaking, if it's bad for your health or the planet, I try to avoid it. In my effort to live green, I like to find new (healthier) budget-friendly ways to do things -- from cleaning to recycling to home decorating. My goal is to help you take the chore out of living green by sharing fun new ecofriendly ideas that you can try today... or any day! My all-time favorite way to live green is to repurpose items and give them a new use -- and I've written a lot of DIY articles showing how I've done it.

Do you have old toys -- either yours or your kids' -- that need to be recycled? Before you part with them, check out these 5 fun ideas for recycling toys.

For an inexpensive natural weed killer, try this simple & effective natural weed killer recipe: just salt, vinegar, and dish soap!

Enjoy glass insulators as much as I do? Have you tried reusing glass insulators in any of your DIY projects yet? Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

Give yourself the green light on a fun recycling project that will liven up your game room or den: restore an old traffic light! See how I recycled one.

There are many ways you can be environmentally responsible without having to go out & buy a Smart Car. 5 simple tips that I use for staying green in my car.

Living green means your shower habits also need to be environmentally friendly. Here are 3 green shower tips you can use every day.

recycling clothes

Got old clothing that isn't suitable for donating? Try your hand at recycling clothes in these 4 fun ways!

poo paper

Poo paper is a recycled paper product made from elephant dung and the brown waste from other animals that have fibrous diets - like pandas, cows, and horses

Adopting green office habits can be simple if small steps are taken each day. photo by Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.

Trying to adopt green office habits? Here are 5 tips that can make reaching that goal a easier.