Healthy Homemade Creme Filled Easter Eggs Recipe… Move Over Cadbury!

Walk into any grocery store or gas station this time of year and what do you see? Cheap Easter candy full of simple refined sugar and other toxic ingredients. Well how would you like to make your own organic and healthier (not plain healthy) creme filled chocolate eggs that will knock the socks off of the popular Cadbury version? Head over to¬†Healthy Indulgences¬†for the recipe. This homemade organic creme filled Easter egg recipe is unbelievably easy on the diet! Source: Sarah Fit … [Read more...]

4 Cheap Ways To Green Your Easter Baskets, Easter Candy & Dyed Easter Eggs

Ah, Easter. The holiday that seems to ring in the unofficial start of spring. You know... the Easter egg hunts, the bunny rabbits, the toxins in your body. Those are the days we live for. Wait, toxins? Exactly. Many of our Easter practices are quite bad for our health -- and for the environment. Check out these fun, cheap ways to live green this Easter.   … [Read more...]