Popular Air Purifying Plants: 10 Best Indoor Plants That Clean The Air While Improving Your Home Decor

Best Indoor Plants

Did you know that indoor plants can clean the air and make the environment inside your home healthier? Plant-filled rooms contain up to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Source NASA studies have confirmed that houseplants have remarkable air-cleansing capabilities. Just 1 potted plant located every 100 square feet can make a difference in the air quality inside your home. … [Read more...]

Green Shower Tips: 3 Simple Ways To Make Showering More Environmentally Friendly


Green living extends to our daily shower habits. If you think about it, we use a lot of water and other resources when we take a shower each day. In fact, roughly 25% of indoor household water consumption goes to bathing: A 10-minute shower uses about 40 gallons. A bath takes around 37 gallons. I never even realized just how much water I was using bathing and showering until I took an environmental studies course when I was in college. So, as it would seem, living a green … [Read more...]

Spring To Do List: 4 Green Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Toxin-Free


Even with the first day of spring just a scant 11 days behind us, some people’s thoughts have almost certainly turned to spring cleaning. There are 4 very important things that should be on your springtime to-do list. These items will help protect your family from dangerous toxins and get your home in tip-top shape and ready for spring.   Spring Green To Do List … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Air Dry Your Laundry In Any Space (or Any Season)

Is your dryer just as loud and energy taxing as mine? Call me crazy, but why not use the natural breeze to dry your clothes? Small things that are a part of living greener often times result in being labeled a hippie... even if only playfully so. Personally, I embrace the hippie identity -- to a point. One thing that I just can’t give up, however, is having clean clothes. I think we can all appreciate each other not reeking from being too “natural”, if you know what I mean. When you … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Homemade Cleaning Products: The Best Ways To Clean With Lemons, Cooking Oil, And Vinegar


Green living can mean a number of different things -- from learning how to make homemade solar panels to using organic fertilizer in your yard and garden. Living green also has to do with conserving water, energy costs and using those commercial cleaners that are full toxic chemicals that could hurt our animals and children. Yet, we keep using those cleaners. But maybe the only reason we do this is because we aren’t aware of how many natural cleaning solutions we actually have in our … [Read more...]

12 Easy Ways to Green Your Turkey Day

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving...but I'm already seeing more Christmas propaganda than Thanksgiving. Geez. In our society, this is usually a time of excess, though it doesn't have to be. Be sure to think green as you celebrate Thanksgiving and the harvest. Here are 12 fun and ridiculously easy tips that I've put into practice as I celebrate the bountiful harvest.   … [Read more...]

All-Natural Green Cleaning Products In Your Cupboard That REALLY Work On 6 Tough Cleaning Problems


If you've ever really paid attention to what a bottle of laundry detergent or window cleaner costs, then you know that overall consumers are spending big money for cleaning products these days. Greening your cleaning habits is an awesome step, but what if you could make your own cleaning products for pennies, rather than purchasing over-the-top priced cleaning items? As if saving money isn't enough to make you stand up and take notice, how about this: Making your own cleaning products … [Read more...]