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New BPA free bottle from CamelBak! Hooray for no more fake estrogens in our water!

Publix makes living green ridiculously easy by offering reusable shopping bags for .99 cents!

Can heating your food in a plastic container really give you cancer? You may be surprised with what you discover.

With stainless steel and new biodegradable plastics such as PLA available, why would anyone choose to use traditional plastics? The pros & cons of PLA plastic products

Ever wonder what you can do to make a difference? What are some things you can do to save the environment? Here are 25 things you can do to help put an end to global warming.

With San Francisco banning plastic bags and Ikea charging for them, plastic shopping bags must be pure evil right? Here are the pros & cons of plastic bags.


Filtering your water or drinking water straight from the tap only solves half the problem of consuming bottled water. The other half is that we most likely still put it in an unsafe, non-renewable, plastic container. Let's find out what you should use if you must use plastic.

Did you know that bottled water isn't any more healthy than your tap water? And - get this - it's packaged in a crude oil derivative. YUCK!