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7 Green Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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By Zachary

I’m assuming that the women will get started on acquiring or making Valentine’s Day gifts before the guys, so doing a green Valentine’s gift post with cool green presents for guys first.

Here are some ideas (if you don’t have your own yet)…


  1. Eco-Friendly Men’s Underwear. Find some hot eco-friendly underwear you like (you know, Valentine’s Day is about you a bit too,.. and the romance). You can find organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and socially progressive underwear of various types on a number of green shopping websites, such as sustainablog, Pristine Planet, eco local, and GreenYour.
  2. Green Condoms. No, not the color green (although, that might be possible). I’m talking about eco-friendly condoms like BP Oil Spill Condoms from Practice Safe Policy or Endangered Species Condoms from the Center for Biological Diversity.
  3. Green Personal Care Products. While most men may not use as many personal care products as women, we need ours, too. From soap to deodorant to muscle rub, you can find a handful of utilitarian, green personal care products on sustainablog, SoOrganic, or other sites (or in your local green goods or health food store).
  4. Eco-Friendly Shirt. Get him a cool eco-friendly shirt (or shorts, if you wish) on CafePress, sustainablog, or elsewhere.
  5. Fairtrade Bamboo & Seed Elastic Watch. If you want to go out on a limb, there’s a fun one. Found it on Pueblito.
  6. Your Picture Framed. In a reclaimed wood, recycled wood, bamboo, handmade, or other eco-friendly frame, of course. And I was initially thinking a picture of you two together, but then realized it sounds like a picture of you only how it is written. Either option is good, I guess.
  7. Send an E-card. Can’t forget the card, right? Well, I’m sure you can get cards made on recycled paper, but even greener might be sending an e-card, especially an e-card from Care2 or some other service that helps the environment. You can also make your own card if you are the creative type.

Hope these ideas inspire you and are helpful. Have some more good ideas?

[Photo: BillyRowlinson/Flickr]