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3 Green DIY Projects For Your Car

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By Jeffrey

Everyone spends so much time in their cars these days that it makes sense to want to rock some DIY projects to make the space a little homier.

I mean hey, who doesn’t want to make a laptop stand that uses a cup holder for its base?

Well, read on to find out how to make that and 2 other incredible DIY car projects.


I first saw this wonderfully ingenious car laptop stand idea at Lifehacker late last week.

As much as I’m in my car, I would LOVE to build this contraption for myself… and may do just that.

About the only thing it’d be good for in motion is to keep up with your Twitter stream a large screen GPS mod, but imagine how handy it would be when sitting still — especially if you make sales calls all day.

So let’s learn how to make it…


#1 – DIY Cup Holder Computer Stand

Lifehacker says,

“Mike Davis needed a way to use his laptop in his truck and have a nice stationary platform to put it on. Unfortunately commercial models ran upwards of $300. After scoping out the cab of his truck and doing some brainstorming he realized he could build his own stand and use the center console cup holder as a base.

With $30 worth of parts—mostly PVC pipes, fittings, and a sheet of plywood—and a single afternoon of work he had a laptop stand for his truck that holds his laptop so well it doesn’t budge even when swinging the truck around corners.”

For those of you concerned with the stability of the computer stand, Mike says that the stand doesn’t budge when he brakes or corners…even with the laptop on it!

Check out his plans to build one of your own… turning your car’s cup holder into a laptop stand!


#2 – DIY $3 iPhone or iPod Touch Car Stand/Dock

cheap-diy-iphone-car-dock.jpg This DIY project comes from Instructables and involves using pieces of the iPhone or iPod Touch packaging to make a very nice dash mounted dock for it.

All you’ll need is:

  • The plastic that comes in the box
  • Velcro
  • The plastic USB protectors that come with Apple devices
  • A sharp knife
  • A strong adhesive of some sort (crazy glue or gorilla glue would work well)

Check out the how-to instructions.


#3 – Cheap DIY Under-Chassis Neon Lights

diy-led-car-neon-lights.jpg Just like one of the DIY bike lighting ideas from my previous post, this cheap neon light project takes me back to the late 90’s and my brief gangsta rap phase.

So in the spirit of those days gone by, let’s get crack-a-lackin’ on this dope DIY project and get to pimpin’ that jacked up ride while thumpin’ them 20’s shawty.

This Instructable will show you how to make a 100+ led light strip to rock from under the chassis of your car — instead of buying a 24 led stick for $40.

Nice idea indeed.


What’s your favorite car DIY project that makes life on the road a little bit more enjoyable?