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And for My Next Trick…Magnetic Levitation

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By Jeffrey

My how we’ve come full circle.

Once upon a time, as in this 1950’s picture from John Cleary, automobiles were actually one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around.



One of my very close real life and StumbleUpon friends, HeyRick, sent me the above picture earlier the week with this caption:

“I bet the folks in the car thought they were being green compared to the train ;-P”


Ironically, with the introduction of MagLev trains (magnetic levitation), it can now actually be a greener step to take the train instead of the car.

There’s already a maglev system in China and a handful of other world locations, but it looks like SoCal is the first area of the US that will get a new maglev system.

California’s Gov Arnie Swartch, uh, Sworzsenna, um…the 7 time Mr. Olympia says:

  • High speed trains use 1/3 energy of air travel and 1/5 energy of auto travel
  • High speed trains will eliminate 12 billion pouds of greenhouse gas emissons per year…that’s like taking one million vehicles off the road annually.
  • High speed trains will reduce the dependence on foreign oil by up to 12.7 million barrels per year.


Hit the Cali High Speed Rail Authority for more info and fatoids.

Strangely, as I twittered a while back, a brand spanking new maglev could connect my place of residence (Nashvegas) to the ATL through Chatty.

For all yall not in “the know”, that’s Nashville, TN, to Atlanta, via Chattanooga.

(“All yall” is the plural for “yall” here in Nashville…b/c no, “yall” isn’t plural by itself.)

If someone ponies up the $10 billion to build it, I’ll still have to wait about 10 years to hop that big ole’ magnetic snake…but it’d be worth it.

Until then, what are some ways you’ve begun to green your travel? Have you ever been a high speed train?