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Get rid of pointless things taking up space in your life. Its good for you & the planet! Here are 3 key points from the book 50 Things Your Life Doesnt Need

The Hydros Bottle is a BPA-free water bottle that can filter your water on the go AND raise money for clean water initiatives around the world.

This clever cartoon illustrates just how IMpure our water really is. Scary facts indeed.

The stainless steel filtered water bottle from WaterGeeks may free you from your filtered water pitcher.

What is World Water Day and why is it important? This infographic answers those questions better than any article.

WaterPik's EcoFlow handheld shower head helps you enjoy saving water... and this low-flow shower head handles low water pressure with ease! Here's my review

Want to meet local Twitter users near you AND save the world? Check out your local Twestival and how you can help!

Don't fall prey to bottled water companies! Here are 3 alternatives to obtain pure, sustainable water right from your tap.

Did you know that bottled water isn't any more healthy than your tap water? And - get this - it's packaged in a crude oil derivative. YUCK!