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An easy way to save paper AND cut your printing costs in half: go paperless! See how to save to pdf and go digital instead of printing everything on paper.

FINALLY! An eco friendly online only magazine that was actually made for the web: Green Lifestyle Magazine. And it's also a great read!

Looking for affordable recycled or chlorine free business cards? There are TONS of options out there, but here's a breakdown of the best 2!

Want to stand out and be noticed at your next conference? Eco-friendly mini business cards will do the trick! But which one is best?

Merry Christmas from The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. It's not too late to send a last minute Christmas ecard to your friends and family!

Did you know that most all wrapping paper is NOT RECYCLABLE? Check out these 6 easy and fun ways to green your gift wrap this year.

Want to green your children's school supplies this year but don't know where to start? We've got EVERYTHING you need to know right here!

Want to save a few trees but can't afford an eBook reader? A used Pocket PC for $65 will do the same thing! Here are some green tips for avid readers.

Drowning in junk mail? Me too! Here are 4 awesome services to get control of the junk mail monster once and for all.