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Where To Find An Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Tree This Holiday Season

I’m going to share some quick tips for those who are trying to “live green” this holiday season.

Let’s start with finding a green Christmas Tree.



Real vs Artificial Christmas Trees

So, is it more green to have a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?

We’ve weighed the pros and cons of real vs fake Christmas trees to help you make the best choice for your home.

Here’s how to find a non-toxic artificial Christmas tree. (Yes, there really is such a thing.)

In reality, there’s more to consider than simply real vs artificial. There’s also the cut tree vs potted tree debate.

Comparing a locally grown live cut-tree to a full size plastic tree, they found that the real tree used about a 5th of the energy (assuming that the plastic tree would be used for 10 years). The problem is compounded when considering that most artificial trees are made from environmentally toxic PVC. —


Where To Find Green Christmas Trees

Here are 5 ways to find environmentally friendly, green Christmas trees in your area:

  1. Search this directory of garden centers and nurseries across the USA to find the ones that are closest to you.
  2. Check this list of Organic Christmas Tree Farms by
  3. Look for an organic farm in your area at Many offer live Christmas trees as specialty items.
  4. Search for a Christmas tree farm near you at
  5. The Christmas Tree Farm Network maintains the most complete online directory of Christmas tree farms in the USA.

For each of these, you’ll simply want to call ahead and ask if they have chemical-free Christmas trees.

Organic farms around the country offer locally grown, pesticide-free trees and wreaths. Buying from tree farms that use integrated pest management (IHP), which is a biological, rather than chemical, method of pest control is another option. For example, growers release ladybugs that kill plant-eating aphids. It recreates the natural cycle.” —


Consider Renting A Christmas Tree

Did you know that you can actually RENT a Christmas tree?

Yep. The Living Christmas Co. will deliver a live Christmas tree to your doorstep, then collect it it in January, and replant it so it will be ready again for the following Christmas.

By the way, they’re a Shark Tank success story.


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