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The ONLY .99 cent reusable shopping bag that fits over your shoulder... It's 'A Better Bag' from Whole Foods!

Want a reusable canvas tote to shop with? Here are our 4 favorite eco-friendly canvas bags for under $1.

Publix makes living green ridiculously easy by offering reusable shopping bags for .99 cents!


A huge list of FREE and SIMPLE things you can do to live green every day... and save money while saving the planet!

Ever wonder what you can do to make a difference? What are some things you can do to save the environment? Here are 25 things you can do to help put an end to global warming.

With San Francisco banning plastic bags and Ikea charging for them, plastic shopping bags must be pure evil right? Here are the pros & cons of plastic bags.

Living green doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Here are 3 free ways to live and enjoy a greener life.