7 Fun & Green New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is so refreshing. It's like hitting the reset button and feeling like you have a fresh start again. If you've been trying (or maybe even failing) to live green, the new year gives you a good opportunity to find some new and fun ways to live greener. Here are a few such ideas... … [Read more...]

Behind On Thanksgiving Cooking? Crock Pot to the Rescue!

I'm busier this year than I've ever been. How about you? With spare time becoming more sparse by the day, it's easy to get behind...especially during the holidays.If you find yourself scampering about trying to put together a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but still running short of time, drag our your crock pot.What?Yep, cooking some of those favorite Thanksgiving staples in a crock pot can not only save you time and energy, but can also take your staple side dishes to new heights of flavor. … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Green Your Morning Routine

We often focus on things, products, or stuff when we write about going green -- disconnecting them from people’s daily lives a bit. I think this limits the degree to which people incorporate green practices or green products into their lives. So, rather than just randomly create a list of some things you can do or buy to go green, I thought I’d focus such a list around the story of your day a bit. … [Read more...]

3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes for the Surprise Vegetarian Guest

So there you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast when the phone rings...and wouldn't you know it, it's Last Minute Lucy.She invites herself over and cleverly inserts a remark such as, "I know how health conscious you are so I know there will plenty of non-meat options on your table for me to eat...since I'm a vegetarian."Being the caring friend and good host/hostess that you are you quickly begin to altar your menu of salted ham, fried turkey, and green beans  cooked with a … [Read more...]

Meatless In May: Reasons To Remove Meat From Your Diet Today!

Chelsea Green (THE publisher of all books eco-friendly) and Your Daily Thread (LA's guide to having FUN living green) have teamed up to help you go Meatless in May. Why would you want to cut meat out of your diet, even if just for a month? Chelsea Green says: "Cutting meat out of your diet entirely saves 5,000 lbs of carbon emissions per year. By cutting meat out of your diet for just the month of May, you’ll be cutting 420 lbs. of CO2 out of your carbon footprint." Wondering how eating … [Read more...]

New Vegan Skin Care from Arbonne Even Comes in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Looking to green your skin care? If so, it'd be tough to do much better than the products from Arbonne International. Today Arbonne rolls out its newest line of eco-friendly hair and body products, called FC5. "FC5? What's that supposed to mean?" It refers to the delivery of Fresh Cell nutrients from 5 fruits and vegetables. In addition to this line (as well as ALL of Arbonne's products) being certified vegan, it's also paraben free and comes in awesome eco-friendly packaging … [Read more...]

Vegetarian [Vampires] Taste Better…Especially in Twilight

Who knows what tomorrow is? If you guessed the opening of Twilight, you're right. If you've been in a cave (or a coffin) and don't know about this movie release, it's your not-so-typical teeny bopper love story movie. With vampires. Vegetarian vampires. One of whom is in love with a mortal. Who he wants to bite. One thing is for sure, if Bella IS a vegetarian she would taste a lot better to Edward...and I don't mean her blood. … [Read more...]