Kigo Footwear Review: Treading Lightly In Style

If you’re like me, the new year has you thinking about getting out and being more active. Kigo Footwear is a company that wants to help you do that in style. Kigo is a company that provides minimalist, eco-friendly footwear for the active person. They strive to provide footwear that is not only durable, but lightweight and stylish as well. Sounds too good to be true, eh? They were cool enough to send us a pair of their Edge and Curv styles to test and review, so read on to see what we … [Read more...]

My Review of END Stumptown 10’s: The Eco-Friendly Shoes of Your Dreams!

Eco-friendly materials + slick design + light as a feather = one INCREDIBLE pair of shoes! That's the formula END Footwear (END stands for Environmentally Neutral Designs) applies to its shoe-making process and the result is way too wonderful to miss! I received a pair of END Stumptown 10's, and let me tell you firsthand, they're absolutely AMAZING!   … [Read more...]

Green Running Tips: How to Lace Up and Run Your First Green Mile or Green Marathon

We all know that biking is pretty much the most efficient way of getting around known to man, but we can also get our green running shoes on too. If you've never participated in or been in the crowd of a marathon or half marathon, you're totally missing out! I'll be heading down to bike the marathon course at the Country Music Marathon here in my hometown of Nashville, TN tomorrow. So how can you green your running habits and gear? It's pretty easy. What's more is you can even run a … [Read more...]