4 Cool Ideas For Recycling Glass Insulators From Telephone Poles And Power Poles


Remember when telephone poles had colorful glass insulators atop their cross arms? These days, most telephone poles have either silicone or ceramic insulators, and many people are recycling the obsolete glass insulators as communications and power companies continue updating aging lines. Old insulators, which are bell shaped and used to suspend phone lines and power lines from supporting poles, have long been a popular item to collect -- especially among many who grew up seeing vivid … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Go Green While Driving In Your Car


Everyone’s going green these days -- even in the car. The rise of flex fuel, environmentally friendly cars has helped millions of Americans go the extra mile in keeping our planet a little greener. While I’m trying my best to stay eco friendly, I don't currently have the financial means to go buy an electric vehicle, and frankly I love having ample horsepower under the hood to play around with. However, there are many other ways that I can be environmentally responsible without having … [Read more...]

Recycling Clothes: 4 Fun Ways To Recycle Clothing That Is Too Worn To Be Donated

recycling clothes

When I’m cleaning out my closet (which is a task I don’t do as often as I should!), recycling the clothes I no longer need or wish to wear is something I do to try and stay as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure, there are many clothes that I will donate to shelters and charities, but my rule of thumb is this: if a piece of clothing is too worn for me to wear, it probably is for somebody else, too. So, recycling the clothes that have seen better days is not only the responsible … [Read more...]

Staying Green At The Office: 5 Ways To Adopt Environmentally Friendly Habits At Work

Adopting green office habits can be simple if small steps are taken each day. photo by Phillie Casablanca on Flickr.

Nearly everyone these days is trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and those efforts can extend to staying green at the office, too. Adopting more eco-friendly work habits -- even when clocking in your hours at work -- can be especially easy if your efforts include small changes that add up to green results. There are many little things you can do around the office to stay green while earning your green. Here's a green checklist of 5 simple things you can do to help … [Read more...]

Green College Tips: 10 Ways To Go Green At School


With students slowly returning to colleges and universities, one of the focuses for the coming school year should be to make it a more eco-friendly one. After all, when areas receive the influx of people on the scale that so many neighborhoods with campuses do, it can inflict havoc on local environments. I myself went to a school that had close to 20,000 students who swarmed the surrounding communities. As individuals we may not have realized the impact we had as a large group, but it was … [Read more...]

A Green Checklist For The Environmentally Savvy Individual Who Wants To Go Green At Home, At Work, And On The Go


Environmental degradation is ever present, as a result of past careless decisions, and it's time that we each take personal responsibility for our part in how to counteract this. Granted, adopting eco-friendly practices is rising in popularity by millions of people around the United States, but we can all do more to better our decaying environment. Contrary to what many may believe, incorporating green savvy practices into your lifestyle does not have to be complicated or expensive, as … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Green Your Daytime Routine

I started a little series on ways to green your daily routine before the holidays started. And then I got caught up with holiday-related posts for a long time. Now that things have calmed down again, though, I’m coming back to this. The first piece was on how to green your morning routine. So, naturally, this one is on how to green your daytime routine. … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas: 8 Ways To Wrap Gifts Without Using Wrapping Paper


With Christmas coming up quickly, I know most of us probably still have a lot of last-minute wrapping of presents to do. Well before you go out and buy that cute Santa wrapping paper, think back to last year. What happened after the unwrapping of the presents? You were probably left with a pile of that cute wrapping paper torn to shreds and destined for the trash can. (I know my family has in the past!) Call me crazy, but not only does that seem like a lot of unnecessary waste, but all … [Read more...]

FutureMark Paper Is Focusing Completely On Green, Recycled Paper

Have you put it on your calendar yet? America Recycles Day is right around the corner. As we approach this eco holiday, how about some interesting info on a couple recycling dilemmas and some unique ways to address them? Everyone (or nearly everyone) supports recycling and using recycled products -- such as recycled paper -- these days. But let's take a look at a couple of problems facing the recycled paper industry as it works right now. … [Read more...]