5 Unique (And Fun!) Recycling Ideas That Take The ‘Chore’ Out Of Recycling At Home

Recycling Fun

Does recycling sometimes seem like a chore? Having to remember what you can and probably shouldn't just toss out in a regular trash bin, knowing where those recyclable items need to be disposed of, and figuring out where to recycle fluorescent lightbulbs and CFL lightbulbs. Whew, goodness! Recycling is starting to sound a little overwhelming as I list all of those different tasks -- and those just barely scratch the surface. … [Read more...]

11 Unusual Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Something that happens to me, more often than I care to admit, is that realize I've left all my reusable bags in my car while I'm standing in the line at the grocery store waiting to check out. Oh so useful, right? If you ever find yourself in this situation you could definitely make a mad dash to the car to get the bags. However, if you don’t feel like working up a sweat, then just checkout as normal and get the plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags???? Worldwatch Institute estimates that … [Read more...]

Biodegradable Poop Bags That Actually Biodegrade

If you're a dog owner,  reducing your pup's carbon pawprint isn't as easy as you'd think. Consider dog poop bags if you will. What are they made of? Plastic. We spend a lot of time around here talking about all kinds of ways to rid your life of plastic bags (and bottles), so why not let rid your pets' lives of them as well?   … [Read more...]

Coca Cola Should Be the 2010 Olympics Green Medal Winner

Were you glued to the 2010 Winter Olympics over the past couple of weeks?Did you know that they were the greenest olympics to have ever taken place? (Even the medals were partially made from recycled electronics!)What uber hip, eco-friendly, conservation giant do you think was leading the charge to keep the 2010 Vancouver Olympics green?Coca Cola.Seriously? Coke? Yes.As a matter of fact, a recent study found that though consumers thought Coca Cola was one of the least eco-friendly companies … [Read more...]

Toxin-Free Loaders & LED Dozers: Perfect Toys For Every Boy

It's no secret that today's toys are riddled with toxins of all varieties. Luckily there are a few companies, like Sprig Toys, that are keeping your kids safe and the earth beautiful. Of course if Sprig's eco-friendly toys that harness both kid and kinetic power aren't a suit for your youngster, you can always retrofit your current toys with uber-cheap solar powered lights and sound. … [Read more...]

Review of Eco-Friendly Lunch Box from Lunchsense


Lunch. We all need it. We all eat it. Who wouldn't want to save tons of money and "brown bag it" to work, but leave the wasteful brown bag behind? Wouldn't you like to send your kids off to school with a lunch packed in eco-friendly style? Lunchsense lunch boxes come with food storage containers and they're free of BPA, lead, and vinyl! Oh, and by the way, we're giving you an exclusive 20% discount code if you decide to buy one. … [Read more...]

Danger Will Robinson, A Plastic You WEAR May Be Harmful!


Quick, can you name the plastics that are safe (or at least safer) to use? #2, #4, and #5. Whoops, may have to scratch out that #5 there. Everyone knows about the dangers of the evil #7 plastic, but an new discovery was accidentally made that shows #5 plastic as possibly a quite dangerous substance. No big deal right? It's only used for storage tubs and ketchup bottles. Or is it? [cue scary music of choice] … [Read more...]

Grab a .99 Cent Reusable Shopping Bag from Publix

Ever wanted to live green by purchasing some reusable shopping bags for those grocery store runs but don't want to pay $15 for each of them? Publix has your solution...reusable grocery bags for .99 cents!! Some of my and my wife's friends gave us our Christmas presents in a couple of these bags and then my wife came home with another one after a trip to the store. When she showed me the receipt (and that is the actual receipt pictured), I couldn't believe it! … [Read more...]

Heating Food In Plastic Containers: Cancer Causing or Urban Legend?

I love technology. Sometimes, however, it's a double-edged sword. Take microwaves, for example. They make our meal prep ever so much more speedy, but are they killing us at the same time? It's true, you very well may be embalming yourself while still alive by heating food in plastic containers. But how can we be sure if this long time legend is fact or fiction? Let's explore.   … [Read more...]