Green Gifts: 7 Last-Minute Christmas Present Ideas

Green Christmas present ideas

If you’re like me and totally haven’t been thinking about Christmas this year, perhaps you’re still in need of some Christmas gifts. Hopefully, I can help you out with this list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas (green ones, of course). There are all kinds of awesome things to get the greener-minded folks on your Christmas list. The cool thing about giving a green gift to someone who cares about the environment, is that the types of things you may give that person are the types of … [Read more...]

Edible Cups Made With Natural Ingredients & Flavors… And They’re Litter-Friendly!

Littering is cool. So, if you haven’t gone and reported me to the “green” police by now, I’ll explain what I mean. A company by the name of The Way We See The World has designed a line of Jelloware cups that are edible, as well biodegradable. As if that wasn’t cool enough, if you end up throwing the cup in the grass after use, it will actually provide added nutrients to the grass! So who thinks this might be the perfect cup for all those outside spring and summer cocktail parties? … [Read more...]

7 Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Ladies

OK, following up on 7 green Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys, here are 7 for the girls: 1. Organic Fair-Trade Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate: Coffee is both the “second-most traded” and “second-most pesticide-laden” crop in the world, from what I’ve read. Go green (and just) this Valentine’s Day by buying your lady (or potential lady) an organic, fair-trade delicacy if she’s a big coffee drinker. And if you want to do a little bonus work, maybe try … [Read more...]

7 Green Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I’m assuming that the women will get started on acquiring or making Valentine’s Day gifts before the guys, so doing a green Valentine’s gift post with cool green presents for guys first. Here are some ideas (if you don’t have your own yet)... … [Read more...]

The Best Christmas Present Of All: Give The Gift Of Yourself!

I’ll be the first to say it...getting gifts pretty much rocks! With Christmas coming up, it’s easy to fall into the craziness of the holiday hustle and bustle while searching the stores for that one last perfect gift. Instead of rushing out to the stores, why not take a second, breathe, and decide that you’ll give that loved one the best gift of all -- yourself. That's right, your pure, uninterrupted presence. Don’t get me wrong, physical gifts are great, but time is growing to be an … [Read more...]

7 Last-Minute Green Gifts

OK, if you didn’t get anything on our Green Gifts for Guys list or our Green Gifts for Girls list and you put off buying a Christmas gift for someone (or more than one person) altogether up until now, here are 7 green gift ideas that you can create or purchase to save your ass. … [Read more...]

Behind On Thanksgiving Cooking? Crock Pot to the Rescue!

I'm busier this year than I've ever been. How about you? With spare time becoming more sparse by the day, it's easy to get behind...especially during the holidays.If you find yourself scampering about trying to put together a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but still running short of time, drag our your crock pot.What?Yep, cooking some of those favorite Thanksgiving staples in a crock pot can not only save you time and energy, but can also take your staple side dishes to new heights of flavor. … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own LED Halloween Lights

Halloween is just around the corner, but it's not too late to get your Halloween decorations up. Whether we're talking about Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, or even the Superbowl, strings of LED lights are the foundation of any great decor! Check out these 2 awesome ways to make your own custom LED Halloween lights...   DIY Halloween Light Project #1: … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know For a Green St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the United States. And that's not because we all love the story of how St. Patrick proselytized the Irish. It's because we love the booze. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Saint Patrick's Day is actually the most dangerous holiday of them all -- in terms of drunk driving. Don't worry, we've got some great ideas for throwing a stellar party whether you're slamming back a few … [Read more...]