5 Unique (And Fun!) Recycling Ideas That Take The ‘Chore’ Out Of Recycling At Home

Recycling Fun

Does recycling sometimes seem like a chore? Having to remember what you can and probably shouldn't just toss out in a regular trash bin, knowing where those recyclable items need to be disposed of, and figuring out where to recycle fluorescent lightbulbs and CFL lightbulbs. Whew, goodness! Recycling is starting to sound a little overwhelming as I list all of those different tasks -- and those just barely scratch the surface. … [Read more...]

5 Recycled Art Projects And Gift Ideas Using Old Magazines, Newspapers & Phone Books


I walked home the other day and found a phone book at my door. As a kid, I actually used to read them for the advertising. (I had an interest in marketing.) Now, I recycle them. Come to think about it, I probably haven't opened a phone book to look for a phone number since about 2010. We have the Internet to help us find the phone numbers we want. But I always feel pretty guilty throwing a perfectly good phone book right into the trash. … [Read more...]

Green Anniversary Gift Ideas: Traditional Anniversary Gifts With An Eco-Friendly Twist


A while back, I wrote a post about green anniversary gifts and the one that I gave my love during our first anniversary – poo paper. Well, it was our paper anniversary! Not only did she love the green anniversary gift, but it has since inspired me to think of other green alternatives to the traditional anniversary gifts that romance experts – and greeting card companies – say we should give to our better halves during a special occasion like an anniversary.   … [Read more...]

30 Fun Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap: Creative, Practical & Downright Crafty Ideas For Reusing Wrapping Paper


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or meandering through the wintertime holiday season, if you’re surprising loved ones or friends with gifts, then your shopping list most likely includes gift wrap. That may beg the question: how can you reuse gift wrap? Why would you even want to reuse gift wrap? Think of it this way: in addition to being expensive (you can easily spend up to $10 per roll these days for fancy wrapping paper), wrapping paper also consumes a lot of natural resources, … [Read more...]

Poo Paper – Get the Scoop on Elephant Dung Paper

poo paper

My girlfriend and I were at the local zoo shopping in a souvenir store there one day when we spotted poo paper, recycled paper made from elephant dung. As the first anniversary since our initial date was that weekend, I bought her the pad of elephant poo paper as a gift. (Hey, I’m a romantic, and it was our paper anniversary!) Of course, poo paper serves as much more than for giving as 1st green anniversary gifts. Using it is also a creative way to live green with products that are made … [Read more...]

Green College Tips: 10 Ways To Go Green At School


With students slowly returning to colleges and universities, one of the focuses for the coming school year should be to make it a more eco-friendly one. After all, when areas receive the influx of people on the scale that so many neighborhoods with campuses do, it can inflict havoc on local environments. I myself went to a school that had close to 20,000 students who swarmed the surrounding communities. As individuals we may not have realized the impact we had as a large group, but it was … [Read more...]

A Green Checklist For The Environmentally Savvy Individual Who Wants To Go Green At Home, At Work, And On The Go


Environmental degradation is ever present, as a result of past careless decisions, and it's time that we each take personal responsibility for our part in how to counteract this. Granted, adopting eco-friendly practices is rising in popularity by millions of people around the United States, but we can all do more to better our decaying environment. Contrary to what many may believe, incorporating green savvy practices into your lifestyle does not have to be complicated or expensive, as … [Read more...]

Want To Save Paper? Go Paperless! Here’s How To Do It…

Printing is SO overrated. How many of us print unnecessary and superfluous Internet pages and documents countless times a day? In addition to the data you see in the image to the right, try these statistics on for size too: If you printed the Internet, it would be a book 1.2 billion pounds and 10,000 feet tall... ...It would require 45 million ink cartridges for a total of half a million liters of ink, which if that were fuel, would power a 747 for 18,000 miles. ...You would need … [Read more...]

Green Lifestyle Magazine: The ONLY Online Magazine Actually Made For The Web


Have you ever thought of all the paper wasted by the magazine industry? Yeah, staggering thought isn't it? Magazines are probably one of the least recycled paper products in existence. Why? Because they're disposable by nature. Where do you buy magazines? On your corner newsstand, in the airport, and at the gas station...all places that aren't likely to have recycling services. So where's an eco-friendly, media-hungry consumer supposed to get their fix? Come my friends, swallow the red … [Read more...]